Dust and Light The Burning Man Collection
by Marek Musil


A unique photography book documenting the famous Burning Man festival and its two sister festivals AfrikaBurn and MidBurn. There are photos of art installatons, imaginative allegoric cars and crazy costumes and also portraits of the visitors. The book gives a comprehensive insights into three different continents, connected by one philosophy of both the organizers and the visitors. Impressive photographs full of dust and sand are complemented by text, which introduces the readers to the ten basic principles of the Burning Man philosophy and contains testimonials of the visitors, descriptions of the three festivals and an interview with the author in which he describes his experience and the technology he used to take photographs in the desert.


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Marek was born in Kroměříž in 1974.
At the end of the nineties he went to Israeli where he started to work on his visual idea through the camera lens.
After coming back to Czech republic he settled in Prague and started to work as an assistant to commerical photographers. In their studios he gained priceless experience and had the opportunity to take a closer look at technical photography and the craft itself.
Ater coming back home he used the experience gained abroad to start working and soon he succeeded as a photographer in Prague. During the fifteen years of commercial photography in Prague he often visited USA and worked on hos collections. It is worth mentioning his travels to Florida Keys called Underwater Emotion. He created a seven-year cycle capturing the black and white world of backstage of Prague fashion shows, showing the hidden side of the fashion business.
The Burning Man Collection was created two years ago and its aim is to capture the unique human subculture as shown in the extreme conditions of three different deserts on three different continents.